Tsukineko Versafine Clair Ink Pad

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Colour: Purple Delight
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Tsukineko Versafine Clair Ink Pad

This oil-based pigment ink is ideal for creating detailed designs. Even thin lines appear clear and sharp. Once dry, it repels water and does not smudge. Additionally, it has excellent light resistance.

  • Base: oil base
  • Drying time: quick
  • Can be used on: paper, terracotta, unglazed pottery, fabric, undyed leather and wood
  • Ink pad: a firm ink pad off felt with a layer of cotton. The pad has a size of 1.4 x 3 inches
  • Cleaning: with water and possibly a little soap
  • A stamp with this ink can be colored with: water brush and watercolor
  • Special features: with this ink you can make the most beautiful and detailed stamp prints.
  • Acid-free

Available in a variety of colours. Each colour is sold separately.

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