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The Press Boss Metal Adaptor Plate
The Press Boss Transparent Replacement Plate
Nellie's Choice Transparent Shim A4 for the PressBoss
Press Boss Embossing Mat
Nellie's Choice NPBR001Press Boss Embossing Mat
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Nellie's PressBoy Pro Die Cutting MachineNellie's PressBoy Pro Die Cutting Machine
Nellie's Choice - White Plate for Press Boy
The PressBoy Transparent Replacement Plate
Nellie's Choice - Small Rubber Embossing Mat
Nellie's Choice - Metal Shim (MPA5001)
Joy! Crafts Silicon Mat
Joy!  Crafts - Mini- Trouvaille Embossing Mat (2 pc)
Tauros mini machine
Nellie's Choice DET001Tauros mini machine
Only 3 units left
Replacement Brushes for Die Cleaning Brush
Joy! Crafts - Mini-Trouvaille "A" Base Plate
Large Metal Adaptor Plate
Ecstasy Crafts EC123Large Metal Adaptor Plate
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GoPower & Emboss Machine - includes 30 dies & 2 embossing folders
GoPower & Emboss B PlateGoPower & Emboss B Plate
Couture Creations 726522GoPower & Emboss B Plate
In stock, 36 units
GoPower & Emboss C PlateGoPower & Emboss C Plate
Couture Creations 726523GoPower & Emboss C Plate
In stock, 34 units

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