Zuri Designs Baroque Candelabras

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Zuri Designs Baroque Candelabras

This exceptionally detailed Baroque Candelabras silicone mould set can be used with clay or resin, the results will be outstanding each and every time. When using resin with this mould, Zuri Designs recommends that you apply a release agent first, for example a thin layer of cooking oil spray. When using polymer or air-dry clay with this mould, they recommend that you apply a fine layer of cornstarch, talcum powder or water on the mould before filling it with clay. This mould works wonderfully as part of mixed media projects. 

• Silicone Mould
• 1 pc
• Size: 19.6 x 20.1 x 0.8 cm | 7.7 × 7.9 × 0.3 in

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