Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pad

TsukinekoSKU: DE191 BARCODE: 712353711914

Colour: Golden Glitz
Size: Large
Sale price$10.50


  • Base: metallic water-based pigment inks
  • Drying time: takes a bit longer, prefer not to speed up the drying time with a heat tool
  • Heat embossing: rather not, you get the most beautiful shine by letting the ink dry in the air
  • Can be used on: dark as well as light paper, terracotta or unglazed pottery, fabric, wood and unpainted leather
  • Ink pad: firm foam pad. 
  • Ink: thick and opaque, the pigment remains on the paper
  • Cleaning: with water and possibly a little soap
  • A stamp with this ink can be colored with: water brush and water color
  • Special features: very nice ink for special occasions; weddings, holidays. The ink doesn't lose its shine
  • Acid-free

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