Ecstasy Crafts Exclusive Template Small - Different Shape Patterns

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Ecstasy Crafts Exclusive Template Small - Different Shape Patterns.

This metal template comes with its own pad so all you need is the paper and a pricking tool to start making beautiful perforated designs on your cards. 

These templates are so versatile you can use the patterns in many different ways by orientating the stencils in different directions and using only parts of the pattern or the whole pattern or combining the patterns. You can use any paper medium including cardstock, vellum, parchment paper and more.

These templates are wonderful to use as parchment grids, paper piercing templates, embroidery on paper stencils, embossing plates and more.

This is an easy technique that never goes out of style. 

Size: 4 6/8" x 4 6/8"

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