Mindful Moodling Bundle


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Mindful Moodling Bundle

Embark on a transformative journey of mindfulness and creativity with our Studio Light Mindful Moodling Bundle – an extraordinary collection at an unbeatable discount! This curated set includes an array of essential tools to elevate your crafting experience. Explore the intricate possibilities of the JL Mask Circles Essentials (203.2x203.2x1mm, 1 PC, nr.94), JL Cutting Die Big Heart (Mindful Moodling, 147x147mm, nr.28), JL Cutting Die Circles (Mindful Moodling, 147x147mm, nr.29), and JL Cutting Die Text Dies (Mindful Moodling, 143x133mm, nr.31).

Dive into the world of mindful creativity with JL Masks, including Lovely Florals (203.2x203.2x1mm, 1 PC, nr.91) and Peacock Feather (203.2x203.2x1mm, 1 PC, nr.93). Enhance your artistic expressions with the exquisite range of JL Rice Papers in Purple Moodle, Blue Moodle, River Moodle, White Moodle, Big Moodle, and Fancy Moodle (210x297mm, nr.17-22).

The bundle also features JL Clear Stamps to infuse your projects with heartfelt sentiments and captivating designs, including Big Heart (Mindful Moodling, 150x150mm, nr.44), Big Circle (Mindful Moodling, 150x150mm, nr.46), Background (Mindful Moodling, 150x150mm, nr.47), and Circle Moodles (Mindful Moodling, 210x148mm, nr.49).

Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of Mindful Moodling at an incredible value. Unleash your creativity and find solace in the process with Studio Light's Mindful Moodling Bundle – a treasure trove for crafting enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this deeply discounted offer to elevate your crafting repertoire and embark on a journey of artistic serenity!


An amazing bundle of Just Lou Mindful Moodling designs! A mixture of stamps, dies, stencils, and rice papers! It includes so many items.

Items Included in Bundle:


4 stamps, 3 dies, 3 stencils, 6 rice paper designs

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