Parchment Craft Perforating Kit Elegant corners and checkered pattern

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Parchment Craft Perforating Kit Elegant corners and checkered pattern

Unlimited Creative Possibilities for Paper and Parchment Crafting   

Parchment Craft Perforating Kit
This multi function kit works with parchment paper, vellum and cardstock to create perforated patterns, borders, abstract designs, corners for scrapbooking, card making and home decor projects.
This easy to use tool allows you to creates intricate piercing and embossing designs that look impressive on a card or scrapbook page.

Place your paper on top of the piercing pad and place the template on the paper. Pierce the design on the template with the piercing tool.
To emboss just flip the paper and template over on the pad and emboss the pattern with the embossing tool.

1.11 x 11cm stainless template
2 pieces of transparent vellum
one piercing pad
one tool that includes 2 piercing tips (extra fine and fine) and 1 embossing tool tip (2mm).
Instructions are included on the back of the packaging. 

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