Pixie Powder 4 pc Bundle

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4 Pixie Powder Favorites

It's definitely more fun to play with several colours of Pixie Powders. For this reason we created this fantastic bundle to get you started or keep you going.

The bundle contains:

1 - 30 ml bottle Peacock Green (CSPP01)

1 - 30 ml bottle Purple Violet (CSPP04)

1 - 30 ml bottle Lava Red (CSPP17)

1 - 30 ml bottle Mango Blaze (CSPP18)

A magical way to create many effects on paper for use as backgrounds or to die cut from. The powder contains mica which will give it nice a pearly sheen when the paper has dried.

  • Create splatters by tapping the pixie powder onto the paper then sprtizing with a small amount of water directly onto the powder. 
  • Make water colour effects by spritzing your paper with water first the adding powder.
  • Paint a background with your water brush and 2 or more colours of Pixie Powders. 
  • The best part is to experiment by tapping several powders from this bundle in different sections on the same paper and then spritzing with water.


 Keep out of reach of children. Should product come into contact with eyes, wash immediately with clean water and seek medical advice. Wash hands and brushes in warm, soapy water. Wear protective clothing if necessary.

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