JL Rice Paper Blue Moodle Mindful Moodling 210x297mm nr.18

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JL Rice Paper Blue Moodle Mindful Moodling 210x297mm nr.18

Everybody doodles at some point. The results relate to your mood and circumstances. That’s where the idea came from: Mood + Doodling = Moodling. But instead of aimlessly doing something, the word ‘Mindful’ was added to it so it creates a purpose: the term ‘Mindful Moodling’ was born! The purpose of Mindful Moodling is to be creative, build confindence and allow development while taking some time out.  A beautifully designed sheet of printed rice paper with a geometric design. So great for collage, decoupage or decoration on your cards, journals and scrapbook pages.  

Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

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