The Magic Of Colour By Hunkydory Crafting Handbook

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The Magic Of Colour By Hunkydory Crafting Handbook

The latest in the Crafting Handbook range from Hunkydory is The Magic of Colour. Buy this handbook & receive the Hunkydory Colour Wheel absolutely FREE!

This Handbook is full of practical information on the various ways to make the most of a colour wheel and to improve colour selection for projects.

Many struggle to decide which colours of cardstock or paper to put together on a card or the best shades of Prism Markers that work together. But understanding the relationship between colours means that more informed choices will be made, making for easier project planning and a fabulous finished product.

Whether you enjoy working with paper and card or using ink pads and markers, there are detailed instructions on making cards with all of these. There are 26 cards shown in the Handbook in full colour, each one showing a different way of using the colour wheel. Each series of cards begins with the information needed to work with a particular combination of colours.

Enjoy the journey as Hunkydory show the basics of colour then follow the instructions for making cards from papers, cardstock, ink pads, dies and more.

The wheel takes the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue and adds in the colours that can be mixed from these, providing a wheel of 12 colours, also known as hues, around the outer edge.

The inner rings of the Colour Wheel show shades of the colours on the outer wheel, with black, grey or white added to them, creating shade, tone or tint of a colour. The Dial in the middle of the wheel rotates and has a pointer, which can be directed to the main colour on the outer ring that you wish to use and will then show the relationship between that colour and others on the wheel.

There are triangles, a square and rectangle shown on the dial, which, when pointed to your first colour choice, will show the others that can be used to complete the perfect card. Details on the back of the colour wheel show the meaning of each of the words on the front.

  • Comprehensive guide to using a colour wheel
  • Features details of various colour combinations
  • Features instructions for making 26 different cards
  • Comes with a FREE Hunkydory Colour Wheel

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