CCL Alcohol Marker Colorless Blenders Essentials 3 PC

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CCL Alcohol Marker Colorless Blenders Essentials 3 PC 

This alcohol based twin tip colourless blender set has the same ink that’s found in all other markers but without the colour. A colourless blender can also be used to help blend. Saturate your desired area with the colourless blender first. Add the colour you want over that layer while it’s still damp. This will result in a much smoother, blending effect due to the colourless blender ink moving the colour on paper.

Colourless blenders are great for adding highlights when you need to add lighter colours to a darker area. Although it isn’t recommended to use darker colours before light, you may find that you want to add highlights to a certain area that you have already coloured. Colourless blenders can also be used to fade an area. Make sure you try out the colourless blenders and the effects it can have on a particular colour by testing it out on a different sheet of paper. You can also use colourless blenders if you colour outside of a desired space by using the marker to push the colour back into the right area. If you repeat this step, the colour will appear lighter and lighter. Listed below are all the great things you can do with a colourless blender.

• Adding highlights
• Fading to white
• Colouring transparent objects
• Pre-soaking paper
• Fixing mistakes
• Adding texture & patterns
• Blending colours together
• Muting colours
• Cleaning up edges

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