Pergamano Book Christmas Decorations with Diagonal Grid

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Christmas Decorations Danielle Benz and Waltraud Gessner have created exceptional Christmas projects on the grid diagonal for you. The results are very surprising, such as a mobile with stars, 3D stars for decoration, a Christmas bell, tea light holders and lampshades. And last but not least the Christmas cards, of course. In short, this book is highly recommended!

The embossing and perforating grid diagonal is specially developed for embossing dots and making perforations in parchment paper. You can create beautiful, decorative designs by positioning the dots and perforations in a particular pattern according to a counting pattern. The diagonal direction of the holes in the grid is particularly suitable for working with shapes such as triangles, diamond or six in a circle. There is an endless number of possible combinations for using these and other shapes. As a finishing touch, the perforations can be cut out to create nicely opened areas.

This book with grid designs by Waltraud Gessner and Danielle Benz is full of ideas to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home. It includes a variety of projects, ranging from a window decoration to a Christmas menu set. You do not have to master all parchment craft techniques to create these projects. What's important is that you enjoy working with parchment paper. Once you are familiar with how the diagonal grid works - which isn't as difficult as it may seem - a new world will open up for you which you are bound to enjoy!

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