As the anniversary of the Premier Program launch date draws near, we have been receiving questions from members regarding our plans for 2020. We would like to inform you that we will not be continuing the program in 2020. Instead, we are focused on improving our free Ecstasy Crafts Rewards program, which you are and will continue to be enrolled in.

The Ecstasy Crafts Rewards program is available to all of our registered customers. Members earn points automatically with each purchase, and can also earn points with additional actions, such as Facebook and Instagram follows, product reviews, website visits and more. Points can then be redeemed for discounts and free shipping vouchers.

Since we have changed to our new website we have encountered difficulties in offering all the benefits of the Rewards Program to our Premier Members. At this time our website does not allow us to offer the same level of service with our Rewards Program to customers who receive automatic discounts and shipping rates (Premier Members). 

We want our valued Premier Members to have access to all of the benefits of our Rewards Program, without sacrificing the benefits of membership for the rest of your year's subscription. With that in mind, we are making some changes to the Premier Program. 

We are no longer able to offer the lower Free Shipping threshold that you have been enjoying throughout your membership. Instead, we will be offering free shipping at the same rate as non-members (orders over $100 for US customers, and orders over $150 for Canadian customers).

We know this will be a frustrating loss to many members, so in order to give you the full value of your membership for the remainder of your term, we are increasing your Premier Member discount from 5% on regular priced products to 15%. In many cases this increase in your discount will more than cover any shipping fees you may incur. 

Your discount will no longer be applied automatically. Instead, you will be offered an individual coupon code that will only work on your account. This coupon code will continue to work until the expiration of your membership. Please refer to your email for your personalized code and expiration date.

You will continue to earn Rewards Points on all orders, and you will now be able to redeem them immediately without the delays and errors that were being caused by our original discount model. To use your Loyalty Points, simply redeem your points for a Reward using the Ecstasy Crafts Rewards panel (bottom left corner of website). You will receive a discount code that can be used at checkout. Please note that you can only use one discount at a time, so if you choose to use a Rewards code, you will not be able to use your Premier Membership 15% discount. This means you should use your Rewards points for offers that are more advantageous than your 15% discount - for instance, you can use a free shipping code on a small order, or a $5 discount when you are placing an order under $35. Keep in mind, your points don't expire, so you can also choose to save them up until your Premier Membership ends.

We look forward to your feedback on our new system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at