Ciao Bella - Sign of the Times - Creative Paper Kit

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Ciao Bella - Sign of the Times - Creative Paper Kit


  1. Sign of the times  paper pads 12 x 12 
  2. Sign of the times A4 (8.5 x 11) which coordinate together using the Sign of the Times paper theme.
  3. MS068 Palenque Floral design mylar 5 x 8 inch Stencil
  4. MS065  Flower Ramage 5 x 8 inch Stencil
  5. Foam Strips - package
  6. 2 sheets watercolor paper
  7. Structure / texture Paste (100 mil)
  8. Mini brown ink pad for distressing
  9. Instruction sheets - to create 2 cards and 2 box designs.

In scrapbooking and card making industry, Ciao Bella paper collections are about Italian high quality. They feature versatile patterns and styles, perfect for a variety of applications. Great original illustrations and color palettes, often bold and unconventional, have been thought out in details to get the most from any sheet. All of the lines are printed in Italy with organic inks on forest-friendly certified paper by a carefully selected team of professionals specialized in traditional printing Italian skills.

The sign of the times  paper pads are usually linked to disapproving, something that is typical of the bad way things are now. On the other side, the sign of the times is marked by changes that indissolubly link past, present and future. Some call it progress. A history as long as humankind. From alchemists in search of the philosopher’s stone, to the discovery of the atom and DNA. From the study of birds, to the airplanes and interstellar flight. From the study of human anatomy, to artificial intelligence. From the classification of plants, to chemistry and medicine. Positive or negative? You choose, building the story of your favorite pictures with this collection that combines past and present in warm and vibrant colors.

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