Mixed Media Blending Brushes

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Style: Brush #10
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Ergonomically-designed blending brushes have super-fine soft bristles that achieve a seamless blended effect when used with your favourite inks. These brushes come in 6 different sizes, each with a long handle that makes blending comfortable and easy. Choose a larger brush for backgrounds and large projects, or a small brush to help you blend detailed areas. Don't forget to include a Nellie's Choice Mixed Media Brush Holder with your order. This round holder stores and displays your brushes in a convenient upright way to ensure that your bristles stay clean and undamged when you aren't using them. 


  • Brush #1 50x60mm | 2x2.4in
  • Brush #2 35x50mm | 1.4x2in
  • Brush #3 27x38mm | 1.1x1.5in
  • Brush #4 25x35mm | 1x1.4in
  • Brush #5 15x20mm | 0.6x0.8in
  • Brush #10 8x8mm | 0.3x0.3in

To clean your brushes gently and efficiently, order the Nellie's Choice Blending Brush Cleaner BBC001

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