Vaessen Creative Organza Ribbon 6 Colours 3mmx2m Spring

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Vaessen Creative Organza Ribbon 6 Colours 3mmx2m Spring

This set of organza ribbon by Vaessen Creative contains six spools in the pastel colours orange, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. Perfect for Easter decorations! The translucent ribbon has a double-sided glossy surface with stitched edges. The soft material is flexible and can be used to create many different shapes. Decorate cards and scrapbook pages or baskets, gift bags and even cakes.

The ribbon comes on a durable round spool that can be hung up or stacked with other colours. On each side of the spool is a slot where you can place the end of your ribbon after use. That helps keep your ribbon wound up nice and tidy. Vaessen Creative organza ribbon is available in various colours, multicolour sets and widths varying between 3 mm to 40 mm.

  • 6 reels of translucent organza ribbon
  • A mix of 6 colours
  • 3 mm wide x 2 m long

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