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English Lace Star with Swirls
Stencils 4051813English Lace Star with Swirls
In stock, 48 units
Luxe Label Stencil
Stencils 4051454Luxe Label Stencil
In stock, 18 units
Background Stencil Borders (AE1219)
Flower/flower Background stencil (AE1216)
Sayings - Happy Birthday
Stencils 4051018Sayings - Happy Birthday
In stock, 33 units
Easy...just for you Template Flower Border
Erica's Embroidery Template - Curve
Embroidery template - Squares with Animals
Home Sweet Home Stencil - House
Stencils HH8101Home Sweet Home Stencil - House
In stock, 110 units
Embossing Border Stencil - Dragonfly
Fiber Art - Snowman Template
Stencils 4066060Fiber Art - Snowman Template
In stock, 77 units
Fiber Art - Butterfly/ Flower/ Daisy Stencil (FA0057)
Double Template - Star (KM3333)
Stencils 4051508Double Template - Star (KM3333)
In stock, 36 units
Embroidery template - star center/corner
Sweet Romance Stencil Fancy Border
Embossing and Cutting Stencil Flower
Turnaround Stencil - diamonds
Stencils 4054094Turnaround Stencil - diamonds
In stock, 41 units
Mini Frame and Embossing Stencil(AE1205)
Happy Birthday Embossing Stencil
Stencils 4051447Happy Birthday Embossing Stencil
In stock, 42 units
Multistencil - Embroidery & Embossing - Flowers
Tapizz Triangle Template
Stencils TZ0003Tapizz Triangle Template
In stock, 92 units
Pink Stencils Tulip
Stencils PK9011Pink Stencils Tulip
In stock, 21 units
Fantasie Border Template - Diamonds
Happy Embossing Stencils - King Fisher

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