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Trendy Ornaments Elegant Hearts
Stencils 4253028Trendy Ornaments Elegant Hearts
In stock, 17 units
Lin & Lene Embossing Stencil - Background
Embossing Stencil border - Sm Butterfly
English Embossing Stencil Fantasy Flower
Trapunto Stencil  - Rectangle Lrg (TR4606)
Trapunto Stencil - Diamond Square
Stencils 4064003Trapunto Stencil - Diamond Square
In stock, 136 units
Passe - partout Stencil - Oval
Stencils 4050360Passe - partout Stencil - Oval
In stock, 98 units
Trendy Ornaments Elegant Circles
Oriental Greetings Template - Blossoms
Easy...just for you Template Around
Special Embroidery template Christmas
Cross Stitch Stencil Stars and Trees
Anja Style Stencil Flowers/Triangle (FE6110)
Happy Embossing Stencils - Lilac
Stencils 4996023Happy Embossing Stencils - Lilac
In stock, 45 units
Embossing Stencil - Background Flowers (AE1212)
Easy Just For You template
Tapizz Circle Template
Alphabet Embossing Template
Stencils AE001Alphabet Embossing Template
In stock, 21 units
Celtic Collection Stencil-triangle border
Switch Embossing Stencil - Square (MM0506)
Celtic Collection Stencil-clover border
Square stencil - Vines
Stencils 4996017Square stencil - Vines
In stock, 30 units
Trapunto - Square  (TR4601)
Stencils 4064001Trapunto - Square (TR4601)
In stock, 80 units
Embossing Designs - Edging/border -3

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