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Lin & Lene Embossing Stencil - Background
Trendy Ornaments Elegant Hearts
Stencils 4253028Trendy Ornaments Elegant Hearts
In stock, 81 units
Cross Stitch Stencil Stars and Snowflakes
Eline Embroidery Stencil - Oval
Stencils EL8503Eline Embroidery Stencil - Oval
In stock, 56 units
Easy Just For You template
Stencils 4050450Easy Just For You template
In stock, 28 units
Tapizz Circle Template
Stencils TZ0005Tapizz Circle Template
In stock, 32 units
Alphabet Embossing Template
Stencils AE001Alphabet Embossing Template
In stock, 44 units
Passe - partout Stencil - Oval
Stencils 4050360Passe - partout Stencil - Oval
In stock, 128 units
Tapizz Diamond Template
Stencils TZ0004Tapizz Diamond Template
In stock, 99 units
Wonderful Nature Embossing Stencil-Crane
Embossing Stencil border - Sm Butterfly
Trendy Ornaments Elegant Circles
Stencils 4253022Trendy Ornaments Elegant Circles
In stock, 53 units
Celtic Collection Stencil-triangle border
Switch Embossing Stencil - Border Circle/square
Embossing Stencil - Background Flowers (AE1212)
Lay Out Embossing - bells
Stencils 4015905Lay Out Embossing - bells
In stock, 16 units
Erica's Multi Stencil - Cut/emboss (EF8016)
Tapizz Line Design Template
Stencils TZ0001Tapizz Line Design Template
In stock, 81 units
Celtic Collection Stencil-clover border
Trapunto Stencil  - Rectangle Lrg (TR4606)
Trapunto Stencil - Diamond Rec. (TR4605)
Trapunto Stencil - Rectangle / Rectangle
Oriental Greetings Template - Blossoms
Switch Embossing Stencil - Square (MM0506)

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